The Battle With Morning Sickness

morning sickness

Pregnancy is truly a blessing and a curse. You find out the news if this was part of your plan then you are happy. Immediately, the nausea starts picking up. Some mothers seems to have little nausea though I’ve seen many more who were simply miserable.

Morning sickness should really be called something like “24 hour baby sickness”. For me, I felt nauseated to varying degrees pretty much every moment I was awake until finally slipping into the second trimester.

I’m no stranger to morning sickness. After talking to other mothers the general consensus was that sometimes they had more morning sickness with their first baby, then less with their second. Other mothers reported the exact opposite.

Mom Tips to Stop All Day Morning Sickness

The nausea experienced during pregnancy can be a tough time. You might be craving sweet food like fruit or possibly salty food. I was craving chips and salsa specifically. The problem is the foods you are craving might not work for your pregnancy nausea.

Some women report sour foods help with reducing their knowledge and either make unsweet lemonade or suck on a lemon straight. Most report it helping. Over the last many weeks I have found and tried many things to ease my nausea.

Walk Around More or Try Going Outside

If you just hang out in bed all day, you might be thinking you are comfortable or warm. While true, getting up and moving around some can help with general sense of wellbeing.

I went through this myself as I was becoming a bedbug.

My partner talked me into going on several trips to shop for baby and the movement helped take my mind off some of my symptoms.

Real Ginger

Ginger has been a common remedy for nausea, either straight or taken in Ginger Ale made with actual ginger. You have to check the label to make sure it has real ginger. Many of the labels offered in stores these days is flavored and lacks actual ginger.

Some people also opt for taking Ginger Tea or ginger crackers. In my family, ginger has long been used by both my mom and grandma when they had ill children.

When I was nauseous, I didn’t want to run around cutting up ginger or even leaving the house most of the time. My partner was kind and would pre-cut everything and stick it in our mini fridge for me to take out and use as needed.

When the nausea wasn’t so bad, I’d just prepare it as a tea and sip with some unsalted crackers.

Another option is to find some kind of candy made from actual ginger. I was very fond of the Chimes Ginger Chews though you can do your own research to find your preferred candy.

Pregnancy Nausea Candies

Part way in I was recommended these things called Preggie Pop Drops. They are sour candies that are supposed to be geared towards reducing pregnancy nausea.

They also contain Vitamin B6 which is one of the “cures” commonly posted up on the medical advice sites or in the folder your hospital gives you, though usually they pair B6 with a dose of Unisom.

Anyway, the pregnancy candies are pretty cheap and can help ease some of the misery. If you feel nauseas, you can put in a drop and go about life.

While not relevant to all, the drops are kosher, vegan, and cleared safe for pregnant women. Many women use about 3 a day though some pop a couple extra.

Water or Tea

It is sometimes a fight to even want to drink tea or water. For some it seems to make them feel like their nausea gets worse.

The problem here is a compounding one and many find that if they can force themselves to stay hydrated that the nausea will fade down.

It helps to carry around a large water bottle and make it a goal to drink quite a bit through the day.

I am now a stay at home mom as I quite my normal job for now as various work safety things came to light. I keep a large thermos with me at all times. In the beginning it was for nausea, now in the second trimester it is because I’m thirsty all the time it seems.


Very early into my pregnancy I began to crave chips. At first it was just the normal corn chips used for salsa dipping. I also learned around this time that potato chips are a great relief as well.

I did a search and many moms report chips seeming to help their nausea during this transitional period. Many of them also reported being completely disgusted by the smell of rotisserie chicken as their husband would bring one home to help supply food and accidentally set off a nausea spell.

The general opinion was to get the baked Lays potato chips and avoid the more oily options.

Eat Smaller Meals

I struggled with this facet of eating because I’m with a guy that was worrying I wasn’t eating enough. Seems reasonable. Babies take nutrients to grow and our nutrients come from our food and prenatal vitamins.

Problem here is eating big meals might make someone vomit. The smaller meal usually is more accepted by the body.

It can be challenging to eat small portioned meals because it will require more frequent feedings. It helped me to figure out what I could tolerate and then stock my pantry and fridge.

Getting in these small meals helps with calming the nausea. I felt the worst when my stomach was empty.

Some smells will be making you sensitive and some food will be simply intolerable because of the smell. Figure out what works for you.


During this time I was also advised by a mom about how her doctor told her about the bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast diet. This is also called the BRAT diet.

The general idea is all the food is gentle with bland smells and is easy on the body to digest.

Some women prefer a different combination of foods as they might not like applesauce or apples and be craving something else like strawberries or some other fruit.

Many women also do not care for the taste of toast and instead prefer crackers.

Careful With Cooking

If you find yourself trying to cook for your partner, yourself, or other kids, you will have to careful about what food you prepare.

The wrong food smells can make your stomach turn and you will have to battle nausea. It could get bad enough where you eat little that day and if a common occurrence could be problematic.

My solution was to prepare some crockpot meals in a whole other area of the house and avoid the cooking smells. Later I discovered that a good meat stew cooking didn’t bother me at all so we were eating a lot of stew.

The general rule here is that if you get sick from smelling cooked egg then don’t eat egg during that time. If you can’t stand broccoli, no broccoli.

Don’t Touch Food You Can’t Stand

This may seem obvious, but sometimes men don’t get it. I struggled the first few weeks as my guy didn’t understand that the noodles that I usually love changed to making me want to puke.

He kept trying to encourage me to eat whatever we had on hand until I firmly told him to stop. If I tried to eat all that we usually eat I’d be miserable, sick, and puking.

He got with the program and now we have a system temporarily adapted to my food aversions. Find a way to keep yourself away from foods and smells that are upsetting your system.

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