Baby Moving During Pregnancy

What to Expect With Your Baby Moving During Pregnancy

Many women are eager to experience their baby moving during pregnancy. Your app starts telling you it should happen any day and then there is nothing at first. You wonder…

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new baby

Health Insurance Benefits For Pregnant Women

The hospital handed out a huge folder and one of the things mentioned checking out what you get from health insurance providers. I’ve been reading every resource the hospital has…

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baby bottle

The Pros And Cons Of Exclusively Pumping

As I’m sitting here pregnant, my plan is to try to breastfeed as much as possible. I’ll keep formula on hand in a pinch as the main concern regardless is…

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pregnancy test

Important Conversations to Have When You’re Pregnant

There are many things to consider when preparing for the birth of a new baby. You have to figure out some possible names you like, have to figure out how…

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breastfeeding mother

Reasons Why I Don’t Plan to Breastfeed in Public

Why I Don’t Want to Breastfeed in Public The plan once this pregnancy was underway was to be a primarily breastfeeding mother, I did some research and asked other women…

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hospital delivery bag for new baby

Planning The Essentials For the Hospital Bag

The most frustrating issue with reviewing these various hospital bag lists is it seems like they are either a mile long or outlandishly expensive. Everything advises to go ahead and…

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