seo mistakes bloggers make

SEO Mistakes That Are Crippling Your Blog Growth

I think the number one place I see new bloggers struggle (aside from site speed) is SEO. SEO is exhausting and the rules change all the time. What used to…

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woman blogging

Choosing a Profitable Blog Niche

When people go to choose their blog niche they find it is the hardest decision they make in terms of blogging. The real deal is not all niches make money….

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start your own blog

How to Start Your Own Blog That Can Make Money

I’m trying to keep a super easy guide up that people can follow. This article will teach you a bit about how to choose a profitable blogging niche, set up…

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mommy blogger

Niching Down to Boost Traffic

I used to get asked a lot by other bloggers if I can help them get their traffic up. This is my newest blog I want to work on so…

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