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I used to get asked a lot by other bloggers if I can help them get their traffic up. This is my newest blog I want to work on so I’m revisiting this stage in website growth and thought it relevant to touch on.

This site is intended to be a vast resource for basically everything a mom between 25 and 40 who wants to mom and make money from home should know as the core.

I expect to probably build it where I go broad niche and work it down to more specialized topics. If you tune in during the broad niche phase, try to narrow down early on with your own project if your goal is getting to money faster.

Old Answer

In the past the answer is booting their blog into Pinterest correctly and getting their Pinterest right. Then I have to tell them to work on their ugly pins as the first pins are almost always less than ideal. I wish I still had my first Pinterest pin as it was truly hideous. I apologize to any unfortunate person who had to view those pins.

These days going after proper SEO through search engines from the start is more ideal. Pinterest is still good once established for decent traffic if you find yourself with the time, just the process is much slower.

Pinterest boosting a new blog is a bit more challenging than when I played with it in 2015 and it is also annoying being dependent on traffic from that source because if there is any blip in their delivery your traffic will stall.

Then when I ask new bloggers for a list of the various keywords they are trying to rank I start to notice that their topics are all over the place. This is fine if there is a reasoning behind it and expectations are set correctly.

Your topics and niche focus are powerful for your traffic. If you are okay with a slower-growing site, then multiple topics can work just be sure to channel things according to your monetization strategy.

Broad Niche

I tell them the first thing they need to do is narrow down their niche to target an audience effectively.

If they cry about how they still want to write about 10 different niches (food, beauty, cat ownership, travel, coupons, etc) I point out they can write about 10 different things just they are best served if they plant them on different blogs.

This blog will probably end up split up onto other sites when the content is sufficient to get another functional. As it is with the baby on the way and life happenings, I just have time for ONE site and don’t have the focus to juggle multiples like in the past.

The variables change if they can serve massive content to beef up their site or plug into social media. Many first-year bloggers maybe post one article every one or two months which doesn’t work.

You Need Focus

Your blog needs a focus or it will be very slow to grow. I made this mistake with my passion project blog. My other 2 blogs were leaps and bounds ahead of my multi-niche blog back when I had them going.

This current blog is less about growth and money so I’m alright with things being a bit slow. So ignore what is currently happening here in that regard unless you want to do a similar strategy.

The issue is varied content will attract in an audience that isn’t very targeted. It is very hard to monetize audiences so broad so you suffer onsite sales, advertisers aren’t sure what to do with you, and affiliates or sponsors might not want to mess with you.

I mean sure maybe you blog a lot about organic gardening in small spaces but you also maybe blog a lot about cheap travel methods. Are you a gardening blog or a cheap travel blog?

An advertiser might not want to even bother with that because they could choose a blog strictly dedicated to organic farming in small spaces.

This isn’t to say that multi-niche sites are doomed to always fail. Enough examples exist to show the contrary. It is just harder to do well and pull off.

Study What Works

How about we have site one. The author covers recipes, style, parenting, travel, work online, career help, make money online, and for good measure she throws in basic blogging help and blog income reports. There is no real cohesion, just a lot of random articles about whatever was on the author’s mind that day.

Then we have site two. The author for this site also appeals to moms yet has everything structured to a particular mom. Every post supports this idea of being a “successful traveling boss mom”.

So there are fashion posts but they relate to things like “what to wear when you travel”. Then there is stuff about parenting but it is stuff like, “How to run a business and be a traveling mom”. Even if there is a wide variety of things being written about they have the central link goal that supports a successful traveling boss mom.

Take Away

Which site do you think gets more sales and attention? Now don’t get me wrong, I like site 1 and this site might be a lot like site 1 for a while. The issue is attractiveness advertising or partners and to help you monetize more effectively and quickly.

Choose Your Lens

They are sort of doing the same thing just with a different approach and focus. When you focus what sort of person you want to attract the blogging gets easier.

When narrowing your niche you need to be ruthless. Imagine you are trying to promote your skills as a successful programmer to land a job on your resume. Would you put in random unrelated garbage that makes you look bad?


Your blog is pretty much the same thing. People take one look at it and decide it is a mess and never want to return again.

So pick your niche, then stick to your niche.

Back many years ago it was pretty easy to have a blog gain traction and get big. It is much slower now and the competition very high.

The easiest boost you can give yourself is to be focused on serving your chosen audience well so they click on your site and decide they like you.

You are useful, interesting, and worth reading. Always remember that you have something to offer. Given enough time you will get your focus and strategy figured out.

My Experience

My very first site was all over the place and sort of acted as my own personal journal. It served no real purpose and never did anything noteworthy. Mostly it was a waste of time and a good example of what not to do.

My second blog was a “farming” blog except that expanded into homesteading which covers a lot of different topics. The same deal where my numbers were very slow and my authority wasn’t growing. I’ve since corrected it.

Niche Down

I had 2 other ultra target blogs that did extremely well.

I didn’t want to blog about blogging. I figured having the section for it will make my life easier because people ask me questions and all I have to do is refer them to a site page. Not all questions are easy to answer in a few words and I don’t always have the time to dedicate to such things.

Be focused on a central goal when writing each post and always add value.

Today’s Lesson

You read all that and now you are wondering what you are supposed to do with the information.

First, figure out your blog’s purpose to your goals and your audience. If your focus is growth, you need to figure out what you have that people will come to your blog for and give them more and more of that.

I knew of one blogger who said that she didn’t experience any growth in traffic until she made one post about a very specific sort of hair problem.

It was a huge spike in traffic. She did a couple more posts and found a good audience there and completely changed her site to center around this one particular hair problem.

Related Post Topics

If you are a food blogger, it doesn’t make sense to make posts about being a dog owner. Your audience is mainly there for the food. If you are an interior decorator sort of blog, resist deviating too much to other topics.

Find out the primary interest of your audience and start small. Keep delivering to them the stuff they want to know and your blog will grow.

Your blog isn’t about you at all really, it is about the value you provide your audience so give them the best you have to offer.

Surveys and Pruning

How do you figure out what your audience wants? The best method is to ask them. You can post up a survey to get a poll of content they want more of and respond to the strongest results.

My own site will soon have surveys as I want to know what the mom’s want to know more about.

Work to prune content off your site that isn’t working for your brand ideas. Figure out the common theme of everything you do with your site.

Really surveys can be made for all sorts of things. The more reader information is given to you, the better you can serve your audience.

The main thing is to allow yourself to fail and power on through the failure. Blogging is a skill and in time you can gain mastery.

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