How to Invest and Improve Your Blog

invest and improve your blog

Now that my site is up and rolling smoothly, I’ve been scanning around for how to invest in my blog. You might be wondering if you should invest in your blog. What are the benefits of investing in your own blogging business?

Before you make any moves or buy any products or services, you have to keep in mind that it might not be the right time for you. You need things lined up and need to keep your budget in mind.

If you are anything like me, you don’t have a lot of spare cash to throw into your project at first. If you do have a lot of spare cash, you still might want to do research before you buy things on whim so you are efficient.

1. Investing in Your Blog Means Investing in Your Future

When you are recommended correct blog investments then none of the purchases go to waste. The money spent to improve and build a blog or promote it is going to return to you so long as things are done the right way.

You want to locate bloggers you trust and seek their recommended upgrades. As I go through my own blogging journey I will give reviews and promote only the things that I see as being of value myself.

2. Blog Investment Isn’t Too Risky:

A bad blog investment won’t wreck your financial life and in most cases things can be recovered. Change up some content, add new links, figure out your traffic problems, keep your site security good, and most things can be fixed.

3. Results are Quick:

Some people do the site and wait method with their blog hoping that they get traction and take off. It is true you can get popular and huge traffic numbers from search engines and social media for free.

In the case of investment there is no waiting at all. People spend money on some sort of ad campaign and see results drastically faster. Online advertising is a tempting and worthwhile investment indeed.

One of the more popular things to do these days is create a Facebook ad campaign or sponsored post. Money spent on this gives very quick results. You end up with likes, shares, Facebook fans, and blog hits.

4. You Can Relax More:

After you have paid someone for something it allows you to not have to do the work yourself. Instead you can get a specialist on the task. You can invest in some of the best writers and get high quality articles, you can find someone to improve your SEO then take a break for the night, and you can hire someone for just about any service your blog would need.

But be careful here because some things are frowned upon and will hurt your site. Buying links can hurt your progress and the wrong advertising method can also hurt you.

5. Optimize and Improve Your Blog:

Spending money on your blog will definitely improve the quality and the value of your blog. Having a good site design, site content, and site speeds especially will increase the popularity and ranking of the site. With those increases also comes earning increases.

6. “You Need Money to Make Money”:

This quote is proving more and more true for me everyday. If you want to get set with your own business, you first need money to invest an grow that business. Though again with blogging the nice thing about investments is you get results very quickly. Everything is sped up with investment. You get content faster, you get Google to pay attention to you faster, and you get your monthly earning to increase faster.

How to Invest in Your Blog

The first goal of a blog should always be growth. Slow growth is often a result of poor SEO and poor social promotion. In order to grow you need to invest in:

  • Fast Web Hosting– You don’t want to use slow hosting services. You want a quality provider.
  • Premium Themes or Plugins– It makes a lot of sense to invest in a good theme. You want themes that make site speed a priority and are good on mobile. I usually recommend going with Genesis framework and a chosen child theme.
  • Buying Traffic– A popular strategy, and the only one I recommend at this time, is to invest in Facebook advertising.
  • Buying Graphics-If you make infographics or other visual media, you will want it to look good.
  • Buying Photos– As I go deeper down the blogging rabbit hole, I’ve learned the importance of where you source your images and not getting sued. If you aren’t using your own photos you really want images where you can rest comfortably knowing you have an official license or agreement in place.
  • SEO– You can have the best content in the world but it won’t do well if you don’t understand and upgrade in the SEO department
  • Branding– If you want to turn your blog into something more brand-oriented then you will want to make investments into branding. Like you might want to start with buying a logo.
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