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blog like a pro

 It is no secret that for the most part 9 out of 10 bloggers fail. I started wondering how to blog like a pro and how to succeed. The funny thing about this is these are people who have no problem taking the trash out according to routine yet can’t get their writing more routine.

You will want to create 2 high-quality posts a week as a minimum. The people who never add to their blog grow at a snail’s pace.

They can also shower according to routine, and do things like holding down a job and home all according to some loosely defined routine.

Maintaining a blog should just be another part of the routine. The typical person will be barely started and share a few Pinterest pins and be dismayed when the traffic doesn’t pour in as they had hoped.

The thing is blogging isn’t an “overnight success” and you will experience failure as measured by slowed growth a couple of times during the building phase.

The difference between success and failure is how you respond to your failure. Blogging has a lot of elements to it that need to be learned and it takes time to build content and it takes time to figure out how your blog fits among other blogs.

People generally click a page and get told how easy blogging is and they start their blog. They may run into a web of problems because you need to learn how to make your site take off.

Blogging is a game of consistency. You need to do your blog chores and you need to write or at least add valuable content.

This is another thing I see in the blogging world. I’ll see a new blogger set their page up and in a month write 3 articles. This person may never touch it again then later complain about how blogging didn’t work for them. In terms of writing, the long term writer will win out and short term writers drop off.

The other usual complaint I see is new bloggers and their traffic. It is completely normal to have extremely low traffic in the first months of blogging even with using Pinterest and promotion. Pin design and how to make a pin go viral are something that must be learned.

There is also the issue of bloggers writing something and then being too scared to show the world. The thing is that there is an audience for basically everyone.

One guy might think your stuff is no good and won’t want to follow you, there will always be another guy who encourages you and likes what you are about. This is normal and the key here is figuring out your target audience. Don’t try to please every person out there, try to write for the people who identify with you.

The bottom line is don’t meet a failure once and then call it quits. Below I’ll cover the reason most bloggers fail.

You Don’t Take Blogging Seriously

You don’t want to treat your blog like a hobby or side project. Your blog needs to be a front and center kind of project. You don’t want a page where you trickle an article out every other month. You need to be consistent and dedicated.

The goal in the first few months is finding your voice and creating content that is quality. Being consistent with your content will help increase the traffic your blog generates.

You really want to publish a quality article every day. The more quality content you put up then the better your overall results will be. Most bloggers I know who are earning quickly within a few months do so by writing a lot of good content and getting to that 3-month point where the traffic just seems to click on.

Another thing successful bloggers do is they go back and keep tweaking their blog posts to improve the content according to the goal of the article.

You can always edit a post to polish it up, you can add in whatever you think needs to be added.

Your Content Isn’t Interesting

There is a lot of noise out there on the internet. Content is being churned out on a daily basis. Out of all the stuff a person could explore, you need to work on content that truly resonates with your target audience. It takes some practice to figure out your target audience. I’m still figuring that out myself.

My audience will moms who want to build wealth, have beautiful homes, have an interest in improving their minds, and have an interest in cultivating a good life.

The key here is understanding your audience. The ideal is you offer some insight or some information that they can’t really get anywhere else.

You should have really good knowledge on your topics of choice. Though you also don’t need to be an absolute specialist unless you are sharing something potentially dangerous or life-altering.

But if you are a mom who has been freelancing a while then there might be an audience for you. People will be curious about your journey and any tricks you are picking up.

Also being closer to being “new” you will have a better relatability to your audience as you still know what it is like being new and trying to start.

It also helps to ignore a lot of that advice about “how to write a blog post in 30 minutes”.

Blog posts shouldn’t be approached from that perspective. You spend as much time as you need to get your post to a high-quality state. It might take you an hour or it might take you 6 if you need to research something.

The point is to add accurate high-quality content that gives your audience what they are looking for or what appeals to them.

You Aren’t Doing Research

It helps to check out the competition to get an idea of the topics that are working for them. You generally want to brainstorm different topics to cover unless you think you can write a better article than your competitor.

It also helps to join relevant groups where people chatter all day the different things on their mind and their questions.

To further understand my audience I’m trying out this free tool called Quantcast. BuzzSumo is a recommended tool to use, but even their cheap pricing is more than I can spare at the moment.

Again, Quantcast is a free site and it pulls in audience data about their location, gender, age, and other information. It helps you get good insights. The main thing is trying to determine what topics do well for your niche.

You need to give your blog an edge in some way.

How to Get Your Content Noticed

There are a lot of strategies on how to get noticed out there. You need to first try to always maintain “superior” content. Does your post have much more in-depth information than everyone else?

Is your content researched and have the most accurate information? Have you made any unique pictures for your site? Have you implemented info-graphics?

The other thing to consider is your writing style. Your unique voice and experience are ultimately what sets you apart.

The writing style will have a huge effect on how people respond to your content. If your content really helps your personality to be understood and related to, people remember you.

I had about the same deal with MrMoneyMustache’s blog. His was one of the few blogs I followed a long time ago. I now follow several blogs as I’ll meet other bloggers and I like seeing their site grow. The thing is not sounding empty and dull in your writing, give it some personality.

I’ve been guilty of dull writing as well. The best advice I can give for trying to fix that is to write your blog post almost like you are writing a buddy. You are glad they are there and you want to explain something to them.

Guest Posting

Guest posting is something that gets pushed a lot. They say the benefits are pretty big as you will guest post on an already established blog. People will learn of your exsitence and they will learn what you are about.

A common practice is to add a link to your blog in the author’s bio space. This will drive more traffic to your site as well as help with SEO metrics so long as the link is connected to a good authority site.

To find guest posting opportunities it helps to join Facebook groups and find other bloggers of the same niche. Some people also communicate with Pinterest bloggers they find. Some do a plain Google search and eventually get led to the guest blog opportunities listed up.

You will want to research how to do this properly as you don’t want to build up a lot of bad links.

How to Blog Like a Pro

Becoming a successful blogger requires hard work and determination. You don’t just start a blog and hope it all works out somehow magically.

To truly shine it is important to make content that stands out and entertains your readers, you also need a functional speedy site with good SEO practices. 

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