Health Insurance Benefits For Pregnant Women

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The hospital handed out a huge folder and one of the things mentioned checking out what you get from health insurance providers. I’ve been reading every resource the hospital has given me and checked the stuff that health insurance has in terms of maternal benefits for pregnant women.

The affordable care act requires that insurance providers have coverage for maternity care, birth of the child, and care of the newborn. Health insurance isn’t all equal though and you will have to check what yours covers.

Health Insurance Benefits For Pregnant Women

Prenatal Vitamins

Prenatal vitamins are something you should be on from day 1 or even months before getting pregnant. They provide the baby a nutrition boost to help be sure they have all the vitamins and minerals they need to grow and are often credited for helping eliminate some developmental issues.

The good vitamins can also be pretty costly and you need to ingest many over the course of the mothering journey. Some insurance plans will cover the cost of the vitamins so it helps to get an idea of what your insurance covers.

Birth Classes

Birth classes are pretty much a necessity for many first time moms as well as dads. We no longer get all the full wisdom from parents or other women and it is often useful to have someone to mentor us.

The classes offered to me through my brith classes cover things like the signs and stages of labor, how to manage the pain, and many other tips to improve the birth experience.

Some of these classes aren’t cheap. The usual cost range is $50-$200 without insurance. So this is a nice area to use the insurance.

Maternity Compression Garments

The thing about pregnancy is a lot of things might start to hurt. Maternity compression garments help give a pregnant woman more comfort by taking away some of the back or pelvic pain.

Some of these garments can get paid for by your insurance company if they cover them.

Gym Costs

Exercise is mentioned a lot where it concerns having a healthy pregnancy. Most insurance companies will offer coverage towards gym memberships.

Things are a little weird with the pandemic and I have been making do with a decently stocked home gym. I have some arm weights, a large ball, a yoga mat for floor exercise, some heavy ropes also for arms, various stress bands, and all of the internet with their various guides on how to keep fit.

Incentive Programs

Health insurance companies often offer some form of pregnancy care incentive program.

These programs often can help new moms earn freebies for their pregnancy and all you have to do is complete pregnancy tasks. One such may be something like sending in proof of the first prenatal check-up. When I did the Humana point program it had many earning areas for things like diet, exercise, personal habits, and other such things.

In terms of the pregnancy freebies it is a good way of getting baby clothes, baby books, and assorted supplies.

Car seat

Some insurance companies will help with buying a new car seat. When I shopped for car seats they can go up to a few hundred dollars and you don’t really want to use an old car seat. There are all kinds of safety guidelines around car seats so you usually want the best rated for that year.

Breast Pump

Health insurance providers are supposed to cover the cost of breastfeeding supplies under the affordable care act.

Health insurance providers will vary on what sort of pump they will cover. Some will help will cover the cost of the expensive electric breast pumps which are a necessity if your goal is to try to exclusively pump and use little to no formula. Other policies will not cover such things and will instead expect you to rent or to choose one of their approved lesser rated pumps.

Lactation Counseling

Some insurance companies will pay the cost for lactation consultants. New moms often have many difficulties and challenges with breastfeeding and often benefit from having someone to navigate all of this with them. You need to figure out how to get your baby to latch, how to get the baby to feed properly after the latch, you may need some help with how to keep your milk supply good, there may also be issues where you find the baby prefers bottles to breastfeeding or the other way around.

There are a lot of weird things that need to be figured out when breastfeeding and it helps to have a specialist you can learn from who can answer all the questions unique to your case.

Don’t Pay For What Your Insurance Will Cover

When you spend so much month to month on insurance you really don’t want to pay for any and everything your plan hasn’t agreed to cover. Your insurance may have a wonderful maternal benefits package or it may be underwhelming. Also it usually seems to be most effective to call an insurance representative to discuss how you are pregnant and to have them outline all maternity benefits that might be available and any information on how to use them.

Some of the benefits are time-gated like the breast pump isn’t accessible until around near when the baby is to be expected.

Just remember your insurance is supposed to help you have a happy and healthy pregnancy! So look for any opportunity you can.

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