Early Signs You Are Pregnant

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If you suspect you might be pregnant, you may be best served by contacting a doctor to talk about it. You will be able to determine things with better accuracy and start the process for your next healthcare moves you will need to make.

The first trimester is very critical because if you are ingesting medications or substances you risk harming the new passenger. Obvious things like smoking should be stopped and you want to avoid alcohol. Medications should also be halted until you consult a doctor who can try to figure out the safest alternatives if the medication is essential to your functioning.

All that being said, there are a lot of signs and symptoms that emerge when one becomes pregnant. The most obvious sign is not having a period, though there are other things as well.

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Nausea and vomiting are usually the first clear sign that something might be going on and was what alerted me to my pregnancy. I thought surely it was something else going on, but the test said otherwise

Not all women will experience morning sickness, other women will have severe morning sickness. It is very common and affects more than half of pregnant women.

For myself, I only threw up twice and spent a solid month with varying degrees of nausea. I developed food aversions and found myself unable to tolerate the smell of grilled or rotisserie chicken. All strong-smelling vegetables became gross and I pretty much craved hot sauce and chips as well as constant servings of fruit.

Many women find comfort with various ginger teas or drinks, candies, or just eating a lot of ginger. Some seem to rely on sprite and plain crackers.

Any further remedy is usually covered when you meet with your doctor.


Fatigue is also a common complaint of pregnant women and is often experienced very early in the pregnancy. For me, it felt like no matter how many hours I slept I’d always feel wiped out and crave more sleep. Part of the early fatigue is caused by progesterone ramping up and the rest is just because a lot of energy is being shifted to allow fetal growth

It really just helps to sleep when you need it. If you need to, try to take your naps when you can’t stay awake any longer.

A Case of Cramps And Spotting

There is a period of time where the fertilized egg must attach itself to the uterine lining that has been building up that month. The result for the mother is an experience where they have usually mild cramping. There may also be light bleeding, but this doesn’t always seem to occur.

The implantation usually occurs about a week after the egg is fertilized. Though some women report they didn’t really notice anything odd at all.

Body Temperature Changes And Tracking

Body temperature is often a useful thing to track as it gives insight into menstrual cycle changes for the month. Fertility books often have a chapter about recording basal body temperatures in order to figure out the optimum time of ovulation.

When your body is ovulating there should be a sharp jump in body temperature where you are warmer. When your cycle is back at the beginning point your body temperature should go back down. If the temperature doesn’t drop, it is a good indicator of pregnancy.

Many women get in the habit of using devices and apps to track their body temperatures either in order to prevent pregnancy or because they want to conceive.


Headaches are a commonly reported problem that women experience in all trimesters. In the first trimester, the headaches are caused by hormones changing because the body has to act quickly to make things more ideal for the new baby. There are also changes to your blood and blood pressure as now you have to share with the baby.

For myself, the solution was drinking more water and taking short naps. The water helps ease a lot of the symptoms and if desired can be ginger tea if nausea is uncomfortable on top of the already uncomfortable headaches. I usually drink until I’m no longer thirsty and drink a little bit extra.

I also keep an insulated large thermos bottle so I have water on me at all times and it always stays deliciously cool and enjoyable to drink. You will get thirsty a lot. It isn’t uncommon to get light-headed and possibly dizzy as well as have headaches. It usually helps to drink and have a decent snack or meal. Though if you are experiencing extreme or consistent bouts of being light-headed of course consult a health professional to rule out anything dangerous.

A good solution for me when I felt pretty bad was to try recharging with a nap.

Discharge Changes

Every month when not pregnant, you should have observed clear mucus sometimes in your underwear. Because of changes in hormones often the cervical mucus discharge will change to white and become more thick. The amount of cervical mucus discharge often increases when you are ovulating or in early pregnancy.

Nipple Changes

Darkening of your areolas is a common sign of early pregnancy as well as slight nipple changes in terms of size. There is the increase of progesterone and estrogen hormones which triggers a darkening of the pigmentation of your areolas.

Though breasts change anyway over the course of a pregnancy. Aside from the nipple changes, my cup size keeps going up. My breasts look completely different than when this all started.

Digestion and Bathroom Changes

Constipation can often come along with being pregnant. Many women also report needing to frequently urinate.

Urinating isn’t anything to be worried about though try to avoid being constipated; it can lead to more discomfort and problems. The usual fix is getting more fiber and exercise.

Many women can’t tolerate the smells of some foods and many of those foods would be good sources for fiber. Oatmeal, apples, as well many of the other fruits often help in this department as they seem to be more palatable even with food aversions acting up. In more extreme cases you might opt for laxatives that are doctor approved or some sort of suitable dietary supplement.

Skin Changes

It seems a common occurrence is women might notice a worsening to their skin condition. It isn’t uncommon to get tiny pimples or skin blemishes before a regular period. In this scenario your blemishes will pop up and keep getting progressively worse than usual.

This is all to be expected and hormone related. As soon as things reach a new bodily normal the skin usually clears beautifully. I didn’t experience any blemishing though I suspect it is partly because I often don’t wear makeup. When I wear makeup regularly I often have periodic increases in blemishes even with proper removal at night.

If You Found Out You Are Pregnant

Congrats! Also, keep your head up during this time. It isn’t uncommon to quickly start feeling self conscious or weird about the body changes that occur. Instead of being treated like a sacred process that it is some women are met with mixed acceptance.

The little mom belly pouch should be celebrated and stretch marks shouldn’t be treated like the end of the world. They were bridges to be crossed to create a new human.

Emotions also run high during this time so protect your positivity and peace. This is your time so focus on good things to come.

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