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When people go to choose their blog niche they find it is the hardest decision they make in terms of blogging. The real deal is not all niches make money. Not all niches make good money either as advertising, affiliates, or products you create will all vary according to your subject matter.

Choosing your niche comes down to how excited it makes you to write about or focus on as you may later decide to hire writers. You still need to know a bit about the topic yourself to make sure the writers are good. You also need a profitability idea because it would stink to create some huge site and only 3 people care about it.

Some people also can’t wrap their heads around only writing about one thing. You don’t have to write about just one thing. You can write about whatever you want though you should only post one topic per new blog. You can also start your blog multi niche and split your blog up later if desired.

To be clear, it isn’t that multi-niche blogs cannot work. They are just more challenging to grow quickly and to monetize initially. Some blogs are multi-niche and do very well.

This blog is going to be multi-niche for a while. I want to experiment a bit as I have found a couple of bloggers with a wide topic scope that have found pretty good success. My other site projects are focused down.

Some people want their blog up and earning as quickly as possible. The easiest way to do that is focusing your niche.

Below I will overview some of the different information I know about niches.

What is a blog niche?

A niche means every post on your blog is meant to be directed at one sort of audience. A good example is a vegan blog where you serve vegan information of some kind. Every post you make will relate somehow to veganism.

Why do you need a blog niche?

My first blog was back in 2014 and it was a mess. I thought I could blog about anything I wanted and it wouldn’t matter.

I blogged about food, art, games, a lot of pokemon stuff, and random life experiences. I made no money out of that and my traffic was basically 10 people. There was no cohesion at all.

I didn’t research and I didn’t create content with monetization potential. Google did not like me. My SEO was not there, my blog was a dumpster fire.

To be fair here, I didn’t go into that blog to make money at first it just sort of opened my eyes when I found people talking about their blogs and their completely absurd incomes. Yes, I will blog about nothing but cupcakes for $20,000 a month, sign me up.

I looked at their blogs and then wanted to monetize mine. That is when I realized I needed to throw the whole baby away.

That is when I also realized something else. Blogs are sort of like building a game character meant for PvP (where you combat players). When you build a character for PvP you have to craft it with care so it does the job. In this case, you are building a blog and it has to defeat competitor blogs for ranking.

My site was worthless.

The take away here is you have to craft the blog where it is well suited for the role it is meant to serve.

It does no good to create a site where it misses all target roles it could serve. My site? Part me venting, part me dreaming, a lot of me being goofy, etc.

The verdict? Nobody really cared about me except for some random 10 people.

When doing a blog you have to serve your audience. Insert yourself a little for example or to be relatable, but otherwise get out of the habit of ME ME ME. People only care about what you can solve or give them, at least at first. Maybe once you fulfill that they get curious about you as a person and possibly a growing affection.

Just like now you are wondering why I wrote all that out, and the simple fact is information is useful. It is an experience you can now avoid since now you have one case study of what not to do.

So, why do bloggers (who want money) need a niche?


To be effective, efficient, impressive, and to gain authority and mastery of their chosen topics. In my mind success for a blog is defined as effectiveness towards the goals.

Blogging goals?

Good traffic growth is aided by a blog niche.

Being impressive and being an authority.

Aided by sticking to a niche. If you write about nothing but poodles, people will want to come to you to ask poodle questions.

You need to stand out in your niche. That is part of why I’m testing this site as I’m curious how a site like this will grow in 2021 (do not recommend it for a beginner).

Niches help in another key way. You have to stay on target for your topic.

You should have an easier time figuring out post ideas.

In my case, this blog is meant for the “dabbling mom” or the woman who has an interest in experimenting or “dabbling”.

This is very broad. For your own project you might be better served making a site just about dogs if you like dogs. Maybe you do a site JUST about baking and decorating cookies.

The wonderful thing here:

It becomes easy to monetize

Once you have your niche locked down it becomes way easier to monetize. You have traffic going to a source that you know is curious or might be curious about the products you might have on there.

It is kind of hard to sell fishing poles on a site where you talk about Bitcoins and ballet. If your site is about cooking gourmet cakes, your readers might be curious about any and every tool you recommend for cooking gourmet cakes.

How to choose your Blog Niche?

A lot of bloggers suggest you write about your passions. No, don’t do this. You look at the things you are interested in then try to determine if you think making a blog about it would be profitable.

What problem are you solving? Does it make you money? Will it make you money?
My first blog failed because it was basically my own personal brain dump. I wasn’t solving any problems there wasn’t anything there in any cohesive form people could get into unless they liked all the things I like. Zero dollars.

Every blog post you write should have a specific point. What are you putting on your site that helps people? What value are you offering? When people are entering in their searches they are trying to get certain answers to things. You could be one of the people who thinks up or studies a good answer.

As you are doing this it helps to look for all monetization possibilities. Though don’t promote garbage just because the affiliate pays well. There are some things I could promote on this site and I’ve already decided I won’t because they have problems.

Nice premium plugin? Slows my site down to a high degree and the effectiveness isn’t even that good and there are free alternatives.

Look for Examples

Before throwing everything you have into a site you need to see if other people have done it and how their earnings have been. Another strategy is to cover a niche that isn’t fully popular yet because it is new, though that is something you do for a blog where the immediate outcome doesn’t matter.

Ubersuggest or Semify are useful free tools that can be used for research.

What Blog Niches Are Profitable?

Food Blogs

Food blogs are a blog type that does really well. People like food and recipes and cookbooks. People like the pictures. Food blogs are well known for gaining fast traffic.

Monetizing them is also not too bad as you can easily work in ads or affiliates. If you suggest a cooking item people can buy and they buy it, you just made a little off your blog.

Some people also use food blogs to try to sell online courses where they demonstrate how to cook something.

Personal Finance Blogs

Everyone is searching around trying to figure out how to earn or save more money. This is supposed to be a successful niche but it is also a semi-hard niche.

You have a lot of competition and you are competing with specialists who do this stuff for a living. Does that mean you don’t have a place? No, in some ways it is good because if you can do this or that thing then it means your regular normal reader should feel or think maybe they can do have success there as well.

Everybody wants to learn how to earn or save money easily. The niche is somewhat gated by Google, though I’ve seen people move up alright since those changes so long as they angle their content properly.

Blogging About Blogging

Pretty much everyone attempts this niche. This is one you can try too though the competition is pretty absurd. This is one where you will want to have some experience first.

This niche is saturated. I had decided I was going to avoid it at one point. Then as I learned more and more about blogging I realized a lot of the information being offered had holes. As your blogging knowledge levels up, you notice things. I also noticed that people in the blogging world seem to get split up into factions.

You have the mom bloggers and their community is different from the WordPress speed enthusiast group. All those guys do is test and talk about WordPress optimization and their information was completely different than what I saw in the mom spheres. Both factions have information holes it seems and I felt maybe I could plug that hole in time.

This leads to my next point, you only want to write about the things you have decent mastery or understanding of. People who have leveled up a bit in the blogging knowledge department will know better than someone brand new, which can be okay if you offer something of value still.

Otherwise, your site will start to die before it gets going or until you improve your content or find someone to fix it. This is why I’m holding off on income reports or being a “firm authority” figure because the few blogs I’ve built I’m still in either a testing phase or I’ve sold them off from getting bored of the topic even if my traffic was growing really well.

I also get sidetracked because I get roped into things like helping someone with Pinterest management or site speed fixing since I spent a lot time studying that.

I have experience earning from a blog as well, but I really want all the information neatly organized in my head (with screenshots) before I go too crazy writing about that. People will ask questions, I’ll need to be able to answer them fully.

If you do go with something like this topic you will want to share research findings or document your progress and achievements. Keep track of milestones. Share your techniques that work and don’t work. Key is to stick to what you know and learn more to grow your knowledge base.

The other key is to provide value so people walk away feeling they gained something.

Health Blogs

People care about their health and health can be extremely broad. If you figure out a health topic and target content for it, you can grow very well.

Maybe your blog is themed around, “trying to survive in the US with diabetes”. I knew a girl with a high level of mastery around this and we discussed at length all the weird things she figured out to save money. She had so much specialized knowledge about it I remember thinking that if I was her I’d definitely post that up somewhere. It would be very useful for someone in the same situation and potentially save lives.

But there are also things like skincare or slowing aging or things like self-care. Just make sure your chosen thing has monetization options.

All that being said, I wouldn’t personally touch health because I have zero background or creditability for it and Google is checking for that. Both Pinterest and Google seem to be very picky on who they let top in the “health” realm as they want doctors, nurses, and people with some sort of medical expertise.

Beauty/Fashion Blogs

Beauty blogs seem to get an audience very quickly. If you are a beauty or fashion type person then this is an arena for you. Many of the bloggers I know personally got their start by either a fashion blog or a making money online blog.

Travel Blogs

Travel blogs are the most common blog-type when people are asked about niche. Usually, around 40-60% of the responders during blogger surveys mention travel as a facet of their blog scope. They apparently have good monetization potential and interest. I understand why because traveling is awesome, at least when there is no pandemic.

Fitness Blog

This niche is sort of under the “health” umbrella, but it is specifically about becoming fit. It is a pretty solid choice as people are always wanting to be stronger, faster, bigger, etc. You can talk about diets, food, exercise, or whatever else helps with the fitness goal.

Some people use their blog to springboard into private coaching. Google and Pinterest have changed up how they treat health and financial niche related topics, so you need some proof of competence or in the case of health having a background on the topic. People want to learn about health from a doctor usually, not some random person with no credentials or proof of effectiveness.


If you still don’t know what niche you want to do start with a wide focus and work it down. Maybe you start with a general gardening blog and you find yourself a year later specializing in organic apartment micro farming.

Something like that. You will need about 5-7 categories to focus on. Also, make sure you will be able to monetize.

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