breastmilk color changes

How Your Breastmilk Changes Colors and Textures Over Time

When researching one of my breastfeeding info groups I came across a post of a woman discussing what happened to her milk after she got the flu. Instead of the…

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lactation brownies

How to Make Lactation Brownies to Increase Supply

After a day of talking to my sister-in-law who is walking me through how to prepare for breastfeeding, she mentioned that she liked to have muffins on hand and some…

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breastfeeding fussy baby (1)

Common Foods That Could Make Your Breastfed Baby Upset

Breastfeeding by and large is promoted as the best way to supercharge your baby in terms of their immune system and development. Breastmilk has all the essential nutrients the baby…

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breastfeeding mother

Reasons Why I Don’t Plan to Breastfeed in Public

Why I Don’t Want to Breastfeed in Public The plan once this pregnancy was underway was to be a primarily breastfeeding mother, I did some research and asked other women…

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