What to Expect With Your Baby Moving During Pregnancy

Baby Moving During Pregnancy

Many women are eager to experience their baby moving during pregnancy. Your app starts telling you it should happen any day and then there is nothing at first. You wonder when is this going to start? Does it feel weird? Then you can’t tell if your belly grumbled or if you felt a tiny baby movement. Until one day you feel a good solid hard kick.

What Does it Feel Like? 

Quickening is when you get the first little movement and it is honestly really hard to know if it is little baby twitching or normal gas. Gas is actually a nice way to describe the first bit there as it feels like little pops really similar to gas bubbles.

Then next thing you know the baby is pushing and kicking and rolling around. Honestly, it is weird for me. Some moms are all smiles and happiness and I’m just trying to survive day to day. Of course, dad is all proud and his favorite thing to do is rest his head on the bump so he gets kicked like a hundred times and also plays this foot poke game since he thinks the whole thing is neat.

I’m honestly just tired and the pressure changes are a little unsettling though I’m used to it now.

How Often Does it Move?

How often will I feel it? When the baby is still really tiny it is honestly hard to tell day to day. It isn’t until you get further along and the baby reaches a certain side you will feel baby every day and often during the nights. Doctors will tell you that the position of the placenta will also affect what you feel inside because it will act as a cushion and pad that absorbs some of the movement.

I’m roughly 6 months in and feel the baby making huge kicks. Sometimes she seems to be stretching her legs up into my ribs and it is a painful pressure. I can definitely confirm that once you are going into your third trimester you will probably feel the baby according to a particular schedule.

My baby seems to kick with varying degrees of intensity for about an average of 20 minutes then usually seems to sleep or make minimal movement for around 2 hours more or less depending on factors. Moms may start feeling movement around 18-23 weeks. If you aren’t feeling anything it is normal enough and all worries will fade the next time you get an ultrasound.

Why does the baby move? It means that the baby is testing out their new body. My baby seems to like to stretch a lot and she is often jabbing me with her foot. Movement helps confirm the baby is happy and active and growing along healthily. The baby moving is a good sign of a healthy baby. Start to worry if movement is down and sensations weak. This is when you need to talk to a doctor. 

Is it bad if my baby isn’t moving a lot? Not always at first but it can be a bad sign as the pregnancy progresses. Once you are in your third trimester the baby will be a few pounds and this is where a doctor will often have you do what are called kick counts.

Generally, the task will ask you to choose a time when your baby is usually active. Then you will sit and keep track of how long it takes you to feel 10 distinct movements. These can be any movements like punches or kicks, rolling, or anything that is identifiable as the baby wiggling.

They are aiming for you to record at least 10 movements during a 2 hour tracking period. If you feel less than this you may need to talk to your doctor. In my case, I gave up keeping count because when mine is up all she does is kick and bounce.

I’ve noticed in my own day to day activity that my baby seems to become the most active when I’m being still and trying to relax. Most of the time she will be really still when I’m walking around.

If you feel concerned then be sure to read out to your care team. They are there to get you through this process.

This is often when people will tell you to try to enjoy pregnancy. Many moms miss the feeling of their baby kicking, it doesn’t last long really. It is a good time to bond with your baby. I’ve been playing the foot poke game with mine as well as putting on music. I’ll be glad when she makes her appearance, though for now, I’m just trying to enjoy the tiny feet.

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