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One of my other blog projects is based around reviewing products so I thought it good to report here some of the things I have learned or already have some experience with.

Some of the tips for product reviewing are obvious and some aren’t so easy to figure out. Reviews are great for blogs and help people to spend their money better as they are better informed.

Why Reviews are a Great Addition to Blogs

People are constantly searching for reviews because they want information before they purchase something, particularly for higher value items. People are also grateful that someone else got the product and took the time to figure out the pros and cons and it is worth the buy or not.

Though people tend to have more conversation as they will either agree or disagree with your assessment. If you give a phony review, you will get called out eventually and people will lose faith in you.

Such people might also become loyal followers so long as your reviews are well based in the truth. Like, don’t promote something like CBD oil unless you actually think it is a good product.
Reviews also make a great way to incorporate affiliate links that should convert well.

How to Start Reviewing Products

1: Start with the products you already own. Maybe you bought a new laptop, you could review that. Maybe get in the habit of every time you buy a new bit of gear or item you make a review for it. You could keep it specific like a pure camera review site or you could make it more general. Maybe a site about just baby toys centered around safety. Depends on how you want to do it.

2: Borrow from your friends and family so you have more products to review. People usually don’t mind letting you play with a product for a day or two and some will even come to you wanting you to either inspect or test whatever they got.

3: Renting items is a good way to get your hands on review items as well.

4: Ask someone else to review the item of interest for you. If you know somebody own something you want a review of, just ask them for about 500 words about it and go from there.

5: Organize an interview if they don’t want to write. Some people doing higher value item reviews will have a hard time getting their hands on the products. If you specialize in exotic cars it might be hard to get your hands on them without meeting in person.

How To Write a Review That Sells

A big problem for a blog review writer is making an honest assessment of the product that will still convert into a sale. You never want to oversell the product if you sincerely sense flaws in the product and you never want to damage trust with your following. You want to be credible over having a review up that gives you revenue. 

Figure Out The Quality of Product And Common Questions

A good review will cover things like what the product does, what the products do differently from the competition, product longevity, who the ideal person for the product is, etc. Consumers will have many more questions so you really need to get a full list of questions researched to prepare for your review.

It is also usually good to stick to things you know a lot about. You will better understand what the consumer will seek to know and have a better sense of what products you promote will convert decently well.

Be Sure to Mention Flaws

It is important when reviewing to inform of the pros and cons right away. People in the comment section of review videos will blow up if they sense anything off about a review.

A lot of examples on sites where guys are trying to make a product review for top-end cameras. Just remember that nothing is perfect and keep in mind the negative things.

Some people oversell the product they review to help get in good with the company wanting a promotion, but doing so to a degree where you aren’t giving the full picture will make your audience not trust you and in the end hurt you as a reviewer. 

Review Template

Your review should include the store name, the pros and cons of the product, your review comments, and any notes you have further that should be summarized. You may also have a short conclusion. Here is an example of how my review format looks that creates a useful review.

Name of Store Megan’s Cupcake Cafe

Pros: list of positives e.g. good cupcakes, fair prices, easy returns

Cons: list of negatives e.g. they aren’t vegan friendly as they use honey

Review Content

You then describe your experience. You can tell the events in a short story sort of format.

e.g. I went to Megan’s Cupcake cafe. I was greeted by the owner who made me feel really welcome and offered me a free coffee for their 2 pm promo. I ordered 3 of her cupcakes and sipped coffee while enjoying the peaceful cafe. I have no complaints about my visit and found the prices to be very fair. The ingredients are the best you can get. Megan is very nice and I hope to see her again soon.


e.g. I had a nice trip to Megan’s cupcake cafe and enjoyed the experience.

This example review is useful because:

1) It lets other consumers know the service quality.

2) It lets other consumers know this is a friendly restaurant.

3) It lets other consumers know what to expect and prices are good.

In Summary

The best reviews cover all potential questions a buyer might have. This is why reviews should be lengthy, detailed, and very packed with honest information.

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