About Me

So, I’m Mel. I’ve been blogging on and off since 2014! I used to have a couple of blogs and my main one was a personal finance blog which I have since pruned and will launch back up elsewhere.

I’m starting a family that I’d like to introduce to you. There are two of us with one on the way; myself, my Jack, and our little “bump” who is on the way. We live in some undisclosed place in Minnesota which is a learning experience for me as I was raised in the south.

I started out being a self-taught blogger. I didn’t even know what a blog was at first and wasted a lot of time on my first one. Around the 3rd one I got most of the process down. I’m a gamer, gardener, and tech nerd at heart. I’ve spent most of my young life getting up to date with personal finance because it is an essential life skill and my goal when young was to retire to a hobby farm to work.

At the bottom of it all is I’m a dabbler. I’ve had probably 40 hobbies over the years because trying new things is fun. One day I’m trying to code a python bot and another I’m learning how to make watercolor paint. You never know with me. The only sure thing is that from now on every day I’m a mom.


As I’m now becoming a mom priorities have shifted. I want to be the mom friend who is there to illuminate the path to new motherhood with experience and advice on pregnancy and postpartum recovery and everything else of a similar nature. 

Topics may broaden according to reader feedback.

So what will you find on Mom Dabbles?

In short, I’m trying to start off with everything useful for mom and baby.

  • Mommy answers to many of those burning mom questions.
  • New mom tips collected from experienced moms.
  • Inspiration and ideas for enhanced mom life.
  • Some guides and experience with all things breastfeeding.
  • Various reviews and write-ups for when you are trying to navigate buying for baby
  • I’m building a community on Pinterest. If you are a mom wanting to connect, you can find me there.

You’ll see that the Mom Friend contains articles and tips from two “moms friends” – Mary and Kate, sharing all our best tips with you.

If you have any questions about me, my family, my blogs, or are interested in becoming a sponsor; email directly at [email protected]