11 Tips To Improve Your Pregnancy

tips to survive pregnancy

My pregnancy has been a challenge since day 1, my body does not like the hormone change nor the body change. I have been able to figure out some pregnancy tips to improve my life and make the days easier. Some days you might feel alright, and other days you are in bed with a fussing partner wondering why you seem so lazy. It can sometimes take men a while to catch up as many have this illusion that pregnancy isn’t so bad. I’m struggling with this with my partner as he has had co-workers who seemed fine and worked through their pregnancy.

Not all women experience pregnancy the same way. Even women who are pregnant multiple times may have a different experience each time. So many factors go into these things.

I can’t complain too much as the new family addition will be wonderful. It just doesn’t seem to hit people that not only will life as you know it change but your body changes and stays different even after birth. Though during pregnancy there are all the hormones, this ever-persistent nausea, body pains, swelling, wild mood swings at times, fatigue that comes and goes, and other such things.

During my own pregnancy, I’ve had to deal with nausea, the feeling of weird pressure from the belly, a new crop of bright red stretch marks, and when I look in the mirror I’m always a little alarmed with what my breasts are doing. It is weird having your body change so rapidly.

1. Fighting Nausea & Morning Sickness

Nausea was the very first symptom I had and was so extreme it was what motivated me into taking the pregnancy test. I was on birth control so I was so sure it wasn’t that. Boy how wrong I was. The term ‘morning sickness,’ is usually inaccurate as many women experience this sickness day and night. Some women feel it the worst when they first wake up and it becomes tolerable most of the day.

Other women, like myself, may feel some degree of nauseous all the time and it might only be during the first part of the pregnancy or it may be an ongoing problem the entire pregnancy. There are products out there that exist and do help.

My favorite thing is ginger. I either have it as ginger tea, ginger candy, and after some hunting, you can find the REAL ginger ale as opposed to the fake ginger ale. My combo for numbing the nausea is drinking a little water or ginger tea, eating a few saltines, and keeping myself in bed.

2. Pregnancy Pillow

To be honest, I didn’t think to buy the one I got myself. I was gifted a pregnancy pillow from another mom. This was a pregnancy hack that I grow more and more appreciative of each day. I love to sleep on my side and depending on how the belly and back pressure was doing that night I’d end up with little sleep. I would sleep for a few hours and always wake up hurting.

For a long while I neglected the pillow I got as a gift. Then I busted the bad boy out and realized what I was missing. The pillow has a slightly distorted U shape to it and when used it supports the pain zones like the back, hips, and belly. The knees also can get some relief.

3. Stretch Marks

I’ve honestly kind of just accepted that I will have stretch marks after this. Some people claim this or that product will help to stop them from forming, but really best products I’ve found have to do with reducing marks that already exist. The lotions and oils will help with the itching though nothing in any review seems to have 100% on stopping them.

The two ways out are to buy products that are labeled as stretch mark vanishing cream. If you end up with some intense damage, it may be worthwhile to look into the laser treatments which often start at $200 per treatment. They reduce the appearance of them greatly though it helps to work out the budget and cost ahead of time.

I don’t personally find stretch marks to be ugly or alarming. Other people think differently.

4. Check YouTube For Baby Classes Released By Health workers

My insurance is supposed to cover everything I will in terms of all the prep classes I need for delivery and caring for a baby. I have some experience with babies though it never hurts to take a refresher just to get things clear in the mind. Issue is the price tag on these classes is up to around $300. Some people don’t have a lot of extra money and need to prioritize their spending better.

The nice thing here is if you don’t have insurance coverage for it you can find almost everything you need online either on YouTube or specialty health sites where content is made and released from doctors of health specialists.

5. Get a Free Breast Pump Through Insurance

I didn’t know this going into pregnancy, but insurance of any reputation is supposed to cover all, a portion, of a good breast pump. The best breast pumps are super expensive and often if the plan is exclusively breastfeeding you about want a hospital grade pump.

After polling many moms on their experience many reported the best results with a Spectra S2 Plus. Whatever option you go with you will want to talk to your insurance and work out what brands they will and will not cover or how they plan to honor your request in general.

The Medela brand is covered by most major insurances though it isn’t always the preferred option for women who have tested out pumps.

6. Light Exercise for Easier Birth

I have family and friends who are into yoga and keep bugging me to do yoga classes. Yoga is a nice way to condition a pregnant body and help things along in terms of preparing for birth, relaxing, and getting the body a bit more fit despite all the pregnancy changes.

For me, I’ve been lazy with it, though it is relaxing. I’ve been doing light workouts and walking often as well. The tradeoff is all this work is supposed to help with easy labor and delivery 

7. Pregnancy Box Subscriptions

I was also gifted with something called the Bump Box and a subscription box someone had ordered from a small seller. These are nice boxes to sift through as it was cool when they arrived. I got to try out different products and they are all cleared as safe for pregnant women. I don’t always like kits and things but the value was pretty good considering the item number and the selections.

8 Apple Cider Vinegar & Heartburn

Heartburn is something I’ve never had until I became pregnant. I was so confused when I experienced heartburn the first time. I’ve often heard of people using baking soda to cure their out-of-control stomach acid though all I had on hand was a ton of apple cider vinegar so I went with that. The general dose amount is a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to one cup of water and you drink it.

It smells bad and isn’t a whole lot of fun but does remove the discomfort and isn’t harmful to anything.

9. Kinesio Tape

Another random thing I was gifted in my stash of pregnant people stuff is some kinesio tape. I haven’t used it yet as my bump isn’t quite in the range where I’d need it. Many moms seem to swear by it though as they claim it helps remove a lot of the discomfort that comes from the big belly. They report much less lower back pain and less inflammation issues.

10. Invest in Some Cheap Maternal Pants

I was pretty much doomed after I became pregnant as all my pants were very form fitting anyway and were completely uncomfortable after the tiniest bit of weight gain. Many guides say to get pant extenders which might work for some. I tried them out though wasn’t satisfied with the fit.

It helps to pick up a couple good maternal jeans or pants that have the belly cover and try to wear comfortable tights and sweats the rest of the time at home. My maternal jeans were really cheap as I found some clearance and they were around $12 each.

11. Bras

The one of my battles with this pregnancy has been with my boobs. They seem to keep growing and my normal bras are just not working for me. I was able to get a couple more weeks of use with some bra extenders. The boobs have been growing rapidly since then so I’ve had to scan the sales racks and managed to snag some good quality bras on extreme clearance. None of my bras or bralettes was over $5 and they were sourced from a variety of stores.

Seems that when a store wants an item to go then they price it to go.

For the most part, now I’ve been living either without a bra or in a sports bra because things are reaching peak levels of sore.

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